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Oh, Hey!~ I see you found my profile :D. Nice to meet you, stranger!

Here's a little Info on me: I am a female teenage girl who loves music anywhere from the fifties to now (I tend to lean more towards Alternative and rock though ;) ), as well as an artist, reader, writer, dreamer, singer, and learning guitarist. I'm pretty friendly so feel free to note me or comment and I won't bite (Although I will not be held responsible if my characters do...they tend to have a mind of their own...) Anyways, I hope you have a nice day~

Art Info:

Requests: Are currently for friends only
Commissions: Are open. Feel free to note me
Gifts: Are a secret :D


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by :iconbarn-owls:

1) It is mandatory to post these rules
2) People who have been tagged must post ten facts about themselves
3) Answer the ten questions that were asked
4) Pick ten people to tag
5) Go to their profiles and inform them that they've been tagged
6) None of the
You're tagged if you read this.
7) You must tag at least ten people
8) No tag backs
9) Nothing like 'I don't do tags'.
10) You must make a journal entry

xDD Rule-breaker over here

The facts:

I am currently obsessed with mysteries, codes, hidden meanings, and dead languages (like Latin)...

I love to read

I love learning new things

I listen to a wide variety of music (One second it's One Day More (Les Miserables) to suddenly being Drop Dead Cynical by Amaranthe)

I'm learning to play guitar (Self taught) {Shot out to the parents who support me in this and put up with the loud sounds that I'm sure only make sense to me (Cause I know what song I'm playing and I doubt they will know most of them xDD)

I'm considering making my own songs and such....I dunno just yet might wait until I'm better at guitar. Myabe I'll post a few covers on my youtube?????

My favorite color is blue (And yet, dingy me was given the chance to get a blue guitar, but nope, I walked right past it, not seeing it until after I got the black one xDD but I love it anyways <3)

I currently am writing a 'short' story for school and am considering posting it on here after I finish it depending on the outcome (And if anyone's interested...)

I am currently avoiding homework/schoolwork.

My personality type is an INFJ.

Questions for me:

What's your favorite fruit?
Honestly, I think blueberries that are just right (and sweet) are my favorite....Or the dark red apples.

What's your favorite band?
Linkin Park xDD The band that got me into other types of Rock and other types of music in general. (Well, technically Aerosmith helped with that too xDD)

Do you have any unpopular opinions? (u don't have to share them)
xDD YES. For example, I think real books are way better than reading/listening on any type of electronic. (This is one of the many I'm sure xDD)

Sweet or savory?
Mmmm depends on what I'm feeling xDD

Cake or cookies?
Cookies, I don't like cake xDD

What's your favorite school subject?
Honestly? There isn't exactly a subject I don't like cause I love to learn, usually I tend to like math and English the most because I have to work at math and English because I get to use my brain and be creative when writing.

What do you use to draw?
Lately it's been a mechanical pencil with 0.7 lead xDD

Do you hate anyone?
Nah, Hate is a very strong word and I prefer the term dislike.

Are you crushing on anyone currently?
Ehh.....honestly, I'm not sure. I've never been good at telling my own feelings, just other peoples.

What's your favorite book?
ASDFGHJKL DID YOU JUST?!?!!?? Ugh, I can't decide xDD Ummmm Right now it's anything by Cassandra Clare, Maggie Stievfater, the Inkheart trilogy, Chronicles of Nick and Les Miserables and I've just started this book called The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon which seems very promising.

Your Questions:

1.) Do you have a relaxing place? (I have three; my room, my grandma's house, and the library)

2.) Do you read for pleasure or only when you have to?

3.) What's your Meyer Briggs Personality type?

4.) Do you believe in ghosts?

5.) Who is your favorite Avengers/Marvel character? (Right now I'm at a draw point between Loki, Captain America and Bucky Barnes....)

6.) Valentines day is coming up. Do you: A-Have a valentine B-Plan to get a valentine C-Forever Alone it as a single pringle (Like myself)

7.) Name a place you want to go see sometime in your life, or your favorite place to be.

8.) Where do you get your creative inspiration from?

9.) Do you have a favorite time of day? (If so what time?)

10.) Do you like Musicals? (Technically Disney movies go in part with this xDD)
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Get 'Em Up~ Nickelback
  • Reading: The Shadow of the Wind
  • Playing: Music

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